Color Your Dream

1. Submit a minimum 3 minutes tutorial video. Your Video must include the following instructions below.

· Introduce yourself. Your name, your occupation and the place you are from

Example: My name is Faria I am a student and I am from Barisal

· Explain the which look you will be showing in 1 mine

· You must show the products you are using on the video

2. You can do the video on yourself or on a model

3. No vulgar and improper songs and dress up will be allowed

4. Participants must represent themselves properly

5. Participants must maintain contact with the program coordinator during the entire competition

6. The judge’s decision is final and any kind of persuasion will be regarded as disqualification

7. The winner of the competition will be given the opportunity to be part of ATN shows with various and attractive prizes including 1,00,000tk.

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